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RHJ Tennis Courts close April 2 for renovation


The Recreation Centers of Sun City West’s R.H. Johnson Tennis Courts will close on April 2 as the facility begins a major renovation.


Plans call for the overall resurfacing of the 15 tennis courts over two phases with post-tension concrete. The current asphalt underlay is decades-old and crumbling, causing the ProBounce surface to crack and leave dead spots that affect safety and playability.


All the courts will close on April 2. Original plans called for the courts to be done in two distinct phases, with half the facility open at any one time. That plan, however, proved financially unfeasible due to the heavy equipment and access requirements. Full closure creates a logistical benefit and large cost savings. During the closure, partial access to platform tennis will remain open as long as possible. Members are advised to heed all caution tape and fenced off areas to ensure the platform tennis courts can remain safely open.


The Tennis Tower monitor station will remain accessible as long as construction permits. Some interruptions may occur during electrical work. Platform tennis will be provided access to at least a couple of courts, again as construction allows, through the normal ramped walkway. Once the restroom expansion begins, however, the platform courts will be off limits. Timing of the restroom expansion depends on permitting.


All stairwell entrances will be fenced and closed to residents. The west Facilities Maintenance ramp will be open only to construction crews; no members may use those entrances.


Should any other areas around the tennis facility require closing at any one time due to the construction activity, members will be notified as early as possible.


Members using the facility can expect heavy, large vehicles to be entering and exiting the area via Meeker Boulevard and the Lawn Bowling entrance, during the entire duration of the construction project. Caution is advised. Contractors’ vehicles, including cement trucks, will be parked at the R.H. Johnson parking lot.


During certain portions of the construction, particularly when concrete is poured, and cooler temperatures are required for it to cure correctly, some construction will occur earlier in the morning. This will be minimized as much as possible to reduce the impact on nearby residents.


Residents are advised to keep an eye on and for the latest updates. Additionally, the Tennis Tower can be reached at 623-544-6151 for daily information.

  1. Will the tower at Keuntz be open for sign up and sign in? Will the sign up procedure change with the limited number of courts?

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi Tom. As of now, the procedure for reserving courts will remain the same, and the tower will be open for as long as possible. We are working on finding another location for sign-ins when the tower closes. We will also investigate a way to fairly provide signups on the courts as the number that are available diminishes.

  2. Larry and Nila McRae says:

    What is the budgeted cost for this project? I don’t ask because of any concern or protest but as a reference for the need to rebuild tennis courts where I live in the summer months.

    • Hi Larry and Nila. Thank you for your question. Phase 1 of the project is planned in Fiscal Year 2017-18 at $961,477. Phase 2 in Fiscal Year 2018-19 is planned at $802,285. As it turns out, the phase 1 contract that was awarded came in at only $841,108.These budgets include design architect; permitting; post-tension concrete surfacing of eight courts in phase 1 and seven in phase two; drainage; lighting; landscape; fencing; labor and miscellaneous items. Landscape enhancement is not covered and is budgeted in a different project.

  3. Gary Raymond Smith says:

    This article does NOT tell me what I need to know with the closure of the RH Johnson courts!
    – How long will all 15 courts be closed?
    – Will all 15 courts be done while it is closed?
    – When can I expect ALL 15 courts to be redone?

    Gary Smith

    • Hello Gary. Phase 1 of the renovation (half of the courts) has been approved by the board and is scheduled to be complete by the end of July. Staff will be requesting funding for phase 2 (the other half of the courts) in the upcoming budget process and hope that it will be funded so the entire project can be completed at one time. If phase 2 is approved the courts will remain closed through the end of October (weather, etc. permitting). All the courts will be closed during the renovation except for 2 platform tennis courts. The tennis courts at Kuentz Rec Center will be open the entire time RHJ is under construction.

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