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SCW residents: Beware of email and phone spoofing

SCW residents: Beware of email and phone spoofing

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West advises residents to beware of scammers taking advantage of the Rec Centers’ good name.


The Association has received two reports in recent weeks about telemarketers spoofing the Rec Centers’ name and phone number. Additionally, a couple of our club members received emails asking them to pay fake invoices to vendors their clubs may have used.


The Rec Centers has not had any data breaches or other compromises that resulted in these scams. These are just new techniques that scam artists are using – taking advantage of people’s trust in a legitimate company or a friend’s name.


One such example is called “Neighbor spoofing,” where telemarketers disguise the number they are calling from, and instead use a local area code and exchange so the recipients believe they are receiving a call from a known source. We have heard at least two reports of residents receiving calls where their caller ID reported it was from the “Recreation Centers of Sun City West.” The number appearing on caller ID also appears to be local. In fact, the calls are from telemarketers.


In the second scam, a couple of our club members received emails asking them to pay fake invoices. The emails use very specific information and appear to come from the victim’s friends or fellow club members. Whether the senders are spoofing a resident’s email address, or residents have actually had their email accounts hacked and their address books accessed, is unclear. Either way, the victims are asked to send payment to a different (sometimes disguised as legitimate) email address or out-of-state mail address.


The Rec Centers advises members to take precautions to prevent these and other scams:


  • Change your email password if you think you have been compromised.
  • Do not send money to anyone whom you are not expecting an invoice from; and if the solicitation seems strange, find an independent way to verify the charge.
  • Do not click on links or call phone numbers offered within these solicitations as they would be part of the scam.
  • If you receive an unexpected email from a known source, verify the address is actually what it appears to be and is not covering up a scam address. Better yet, pick up the phone and call them directly at a number you know is legitimate.
  • If you receive a call or email purporting to be from the Rec Centers but you aren’t sure, call our receptionist by directly dialing 623-544-6120 and he can route you to the appropriate party.
  1. Thank you for the information. Scammers go for emotions like compassion (donations) and fear. And remember, the fire department nor the police department use the phone to ask for donations. Same with anyone sounding “official” like the AG’s office saying there is a warrant for your arrest, but pay the fine over the phone and your records will be deleted. Another popular one is a grandchild calling from jail. Lastly, never say “yes”. Scammers may be recording you and could splice the recording to seem as though you’ve said yes to agreeing to something you didn’t.

  2. John Burbank says:

    We got rid of our land line. That stopped all those jerks. Still get a few on our cell phones but not bad

  3. Thank you for putting this information out to our residents.
    Recently I was waiting for a call regarding a friend in the hospital. My caller Id showed Del E Webb Hospital and a local 214 prefex number, so I answered….SCAM! If I don’t know the name of the caller….I don’t answer, period!

  4. Ronni Hoover says:

    Re the “Neighbor Spoofing” (robocalling) mentioned above, I have been receiving such calls for over two months now (close to 40 different numbers). They are using 623-546-xxxx and use personal names for Caller ID. In fact, one came from Bank of America here in town last week so I called the number back and it was their fax number! So, the personal names are quite likely real names here in SCW and Surprise.

    I have a call blocker but if I block the first 6 digits, I won’t get local calls that I might want to receive so I have to block each individual number after it is received. I was also receiving calls from an area code/exchange in central CA which I totally blocked because I don’t know anyone in that area.

    As I understand it, when a robocall reaches a ‘live’ phone number, i.e. answering machine or real person, the computer then makes note of that number.

    So, don’t bother to answer, it is just a computer looking for live numbers, quite possibly to sell to someone else or use in other telemarketing endeavors.

    Has anyone found a better way to deal with these calls? The Do Not Call List does not stop these calls!

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