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See a crime? Leave MCSO an anonymous tip

See a crime? Leave MCSO an anonymous tip

Residents: Did you know the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office now has a way for you to anonymously share tips with local law enforcement?

If you are aware of a crime or suspect illegal activity is happening, visit and click on the word “Tip” under the main page photo.

That will take you to a page with several ways to leave your tip: There is an online form you can fill out. Additionally, you may email MCSO from that site, or call 602-876-TIPS (8477) to leave your information.

All information will remain anonymous.

  1. Bill Haney says:

    Thanks—I will try and talk to them again. We need more MCSO on our streets. PORA is very slow on most things that you ask about.

    Thanks Again

  2. Bill Haney says:

    You need more speed control on N. Whispering Oaks Dr. The drivers think the street is a race track. I have called and talked to MCSO and ADOT and PORA but still the same. Maybe when someone is killed, you will open your eyes. I guess the priority is still GOLF first.

    • Mr. Haney, we understand your concerns. Speeding is a complaint we hear about rather frequently in our community. We work with PORA and MCSO to try to increase enforcement when possible, but it is otherwise out of our control. We have no authority to enforce the speed limits. It has nothing to do with golf. We will continue to work with PORA and MCSO on this ongoing issue.

  3. Vincent Meyers says:

    Policy is very outdated! The board should make this a priority. Lets not wait until there is a “situation”!

  4. Vincent Meyers says:

    The first thing we need to do is take down all those signs that declare SCW a gun free community! Why advertise that we would be easy pickings to the bad guys? Most all shooting situations across the country are in gun free zones!

    For your information there are quite a few residents that conceal carry now. Help them out please!

    Don’t wait until SCW is in the news!

    • Hi Vincent. Thank you for your comments. As of now, yes, we are a gun-free zone. No weapons are allowed on our properties. If we become aware of someone carrying, we will address it with that individual. Whether that policy needs to change in light of recent shootings is certainly a topic worth discussing – and we are. We have hired a consultant to work with us and evaluate our policies. Should they change, we will certainly get the word out to members. Thank you.

  5. With a non-existent Sheriff’s presence in Sun City West criminals know we’re an easy mark. Lock it where you leave it. Keep your garage door shut.

  6. Deborah Anderson says:

    I hope everyone in SCW is reading this we so need away to help the very over worked Sheriff’s. Thank You for the Crimes you do stop.

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