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Stardust bunker reduction plan

Stardust bunker reduction plan

Work will begin soon on the Stardust Golf Course bunker project. You will find an overview of the scope of work here. Below are a series of marked-up photos outlining the changes at each hole. The white areas are (mostly) existing bunkers, with a few new ones mixed in. The bright green areas are those that are currently sand, showing how certain sand bunkers will be reshaped or eliminated completely in some cases, made into grass bunkers.

Hole #1 fairway

Hole #1 green

Hole #2 green

Hole #4 fairway

Hole #4 green

Hole #5 green

Hole #7 green

Hole #8 green

Hole #9 fairway and green

Hole #10 fairway

Hole #10 green

Hole #11 green

Hole #12 green

Hole #13 green

Hole #14 green

Hole #15 green

Hole #16 green

Hole #17 green

Hole #18 fairway

Hole #18 green


  1. Don Woodward says:

    Just read the article, love the changes. This will make Stardust a lot more fun to play. I am really looking forward to it reopening in October.

  2. Ed Van Cott says:

    1. Todd Patty should be praised for having the vision to upgrade Stardust to a course that can be enjoyed by all.
    2. Three executive courses place RCSCW in front with active adult golf retirement communities.
    3. Executive courses are supposed to be easier and shorter than regulation courses.
    4. Tee locations can be changed later after the bunkers are finished.
    5. Course ratings are primarily based on length from tee to green. Bunkers are of minor importance in rating according to the AGA.
    6. Stardust is rated as our most difficult executive course and receives the least play.
    7. Those wanting a more difficult course can play from the blue tees.
    8. Stardust has smaller greens with steeper slopes.

  3. Dick Potts says:

    Actually, I understood Stardust was the most difficult of the three executive courses and these changes may change that, but since I’m a bunker player, 4 to 6 a round I may enjoy it. I would have liked to see the tee boxes leveled out as I thought was going to happen the last time it was closed, but didn’t. Confused on #13, shows a grass bunker, lower right side of green currently not there, Why? How about grass an inch or so long to stop the balls from rolling into the pond?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Dick. The tee boxes will be leveled as part of this maintenance closure, as will the driving range tee. Regarding #13, it will have a new grass bunker at the front right, which will reduce the number of balls going into the water. Hope this helps.

  4. Really like the changes. The one thing you’re not changing is the length of some of the Par 3’s. Many of the golfers can not reach the greens even with their driver. I can hit my driver 200 yards and some times that’s not enough.

  5. Multimedia says:

    Thank you everyone for your input. Our intention with the renovation of the bunker system at Stardust was to help reduce maintenance and improve playability, but never to make it an “easier” course. The existing bunkers are being changed over to grass bunkers, so it will still be a challenge to play! Stardust continues to have some of the smallest greens of our courses, which also makes it challenging. This project has been in the plans for 8 months and many meetings were held to discuss it. Men’s and Women’s golf clubs as well as the Golf Committee and Golf Council were a part of the planning and decision-making.


    A total waste of money plus the character and beauty of the course will be destroyed. If some golfers are afraid of the sand traps, R.H. Johnson and Beardsley have mini golf courses for them to use and they are free.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Tom. The community has all levels of golfers playing our courses as you know. We’re sorry you’re not happy about the changes at Stardust and hope you will continue to golf at the Association’s other golf courses.

    • Vera Zabloudil says:

      I don’t agree. Many shorter hitting seniors like to play the par three courses. Why have them so difficult with bunkers. Also this renovation will improve bottom line as bunkers are more expensive to maintain. They involve lots of manual labor. Kudos to those who proposed the changes. Look forward to playing it.

  7. Stardust won’t be as challenging, I will miss that. But, there will be a lot less maintenance for the golf course. Maybe Stardust will get more play.

  8. Dave Melby says:

    I think the changes look great. It will change my impression from being unfair to the average golfer, to being much more fun!

  9. Gordon Petersen says:

    You’re going to take the STING out of Stardust.

  10. Ron Van Camp says:

    The white areas are existing bunkers and the green areas are currently sand ….. makes no sense.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Ron. The vast majority of the white areas are existing sand bunkers. The bright green areas are currently sand, but will be changed over to grass as part of this project. We apologize if that wasn’t clear.

  11. sarah baird says:

    With all these changes, when will the course be re-rated?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello Sarah. We intend to have Stardust re-rated immediately following completion of the project. This will be before the course reopens, after fall overseeding.

  12. mark smith says:

    Wow. Had not heard about this. Stardust is a challenge, even being a short executive course, because of the traps. This looks like it’s going to make it way too simple to negotiate. Its rating will have to fall drastically and it was already the easiest course. Also, you need to take it out of the rotation for groups as I, and many others, won’t want to play it. I assume you are doing this to attract someone, so save it for them.

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