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Stay active, be vibrant!


Governing Board President

Read any magazine or article on retirement and every time they will state the primary concern facing retirees is lack of activity. Granted, people move to Sun City West because of our vast number of clubs and activities.  Sun City West is, without a doubt, a leader in adult community activity.  As you may recall, the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association awarded our TORCH Citizens Academy the best senior program in Arizona last year.

This is great news, but there is still a fear I have, as do many others, that while simply joining a club or playing golf once or twice a week keeps us active, it doesn’t provide us with enough stimulus to keep our brains sharp and responsive.  We need more things to think about.

A former CEO told me that no matter where he was, yes even in the loo, he would always have something to read. Reading, discussing, debating – all of these things help keep us alert.  That is why I have enjoyed serving on the Governing Board so much.  Every day there is a new issue or process to think about.  Believe me, we all need this kind of stimulus.

When I first moved to Sun City West, I played a round or two of golf each week. One day, my loving wife asked me what I intended to do to keep from becoming stagnant.  Apparently, it was more obvious to her than me.  I needed a boost that I didn’t know I needed.  It was time to wake up.  Folks, it doesn’t matter if you want to run for the Governing Board or a position in one of the many clubs we have – just get involved.  You will not regret it.  We all need to keep the brain stimulated each and every day!

You don’t need to listen to me, but believe me, you will see the difference.  Just do it!

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