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Hello residents!


Do you visit our Facebook page to “Like” and “Comment” on posts there? We appreciate your interaction immensely! Please take one extra step and “Like” our PAGE, we sure would appreciate it.


Also, we are seeking “literary” contributions from you – our members in the community, as well as Chartered Clubs you may belong to for our Recreation Centers of Sun City West Facebook page.


Have you been on the road traveling and have some great photos? Please submit them with a brief paragraph as to location, people pictured and any other details you’d like to offer, so we can share your exciting travels with your neighbors.


How about wildlife? Do you have photos of quail families, coyotes or any of our other interesting and beautiful wildlife? We’ll take those too; just email them with the details.


Same goes for storm photos. Stay safe! But if you happen to catch some amazing shots, we’d love to see your impressions of monsoon and any great sunrise or sunset photos you capture!


Chartered clubs: In addition to submitting your photos with captions of club events for the Rec Center News, we would like to share those on our Facebook page as well. 


Please send all submissions to Diana at We look forward to your response!



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