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Tapping Our Resources, Citizens and Heritage!

Developed in 2008-09 by the TORCH Committee, a special committee that grew out of the Governing Board’s Public Relations Committee, the TORCH Citizens Academy aims to build a more informed citizenry by educating, involving and inspiring residents.

The Academy runs for seven weeks in the spring and fall, and is open to interested residents willing to commit their time and energies to the seven-week process, and to learning more about their community. Class sizes are limited to provide a hands-on, interactive experience. A variety of speakers are featured, and site tours are included. Participants graduate from the Academy well-versed in the governance of Sun City West. Session topics include: Sun City West Heritage, Past to Present; Golf Operations; Finances; Recreational Opportunities; Library and Bowling; Friends and Services; and The Future.

For information, call Governing Board Office Manager Deborah Hevesy at 623-544-6115.

The Rec Centers of Sun City West welcomed its first TORCH Citizens Academy in the spring of 2009. This Focus Class was comprised of Governing Board Directors, prospective directors, Committee members and community leaders.

Through their input, the academy was refined and will be presented to the community at large for the first time in fall 2009.

As part of the learning process and interactive nature of the Citizens Academy, the TORCH participants were split into five teams who met several times during the process to develop team projects. These projects were presented to the TORCH Committee on graduation day, and have since been passed on to the respective Governing Board committees for their consideration.

The Team projects are presented here, for the community’s consideration as well. Please note, these projects are only suggestions by the teams, and are not necessarily endorsed or fact-checked by Management.

We appreciate the time these teams spent in developing their ideas, and we look forward to more good ideas from future TORCH participants.



Friends and Services

Golf Team-1 (the Golf Team developed two separate proposals)

Golf Team-2

Library-Sports Pavilion Team


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