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Golf Etiquette


Are you a good golfer?

We’re not necessarily talking about your golf score but are you thinking of others when you play golf or book a tee time?

We’d like to offer a couple of reminders for all of us this busy golf season. We have had a few challenges with frost delays and rainy weather. Both of those out of our control but we would like to be able to service ALL our golfing residents to the best of our abilities. So please, if you know that your tee time will not be used, contact the pro shop to cancel or adjust your tee time. There could be other residents who might want to play, regardless of the weather conditions.

Peak times and popular days are 7:30 a.m to noon Monday through Friday. Please be considerate of those who might not be fortunate enough to get a morning tee time. If you are cancelling your tee time or modifying the number of players in your group, please do so as soon as possible so our residents who are looking to play may have an opportunity to book that open tee time.

Also, it is the golfers responsibility to sand/seed divots, repair ball marks (yours and one other is a good habit to get into) and to rake bunkers. The Player’s Assistants and golf course maintenance are there to help in this area but can’t address all of the responsibilities of the player during the course of the day. One of the reasons that our courses stay in great shape is because we ALL pitch in and do our part.

Todd Patty and his staff spend a lot of time and effort in maintaining our 7 courses. They do an exceptional job, but anything we can do to help only makes the courses better especially during the months of January and February when the cooler weather stifles the growing of grass.

Pace of play is another component of being a good golfer. Keeping up with the group in front of you is the key to a quick, evenly paced round. The PA’s are there to help in this area but can only help if ALL parties are willing. The course will play at the same rate as the slowest group on the course. Good golfers are aware of their pace and position on the golf course at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration of all golfers on our Sun City West courses.

Golf Operations

  1. I live on Deer Valley golf course and am not a golfer, however, I do know there are rules for the golf carts. There are where I’m from anyway. I watch golfers drive their carts onto the desert and never use the 90 degree rule. Please remind your golfers of these simple rules or maybe rules do not apply here.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Mary, thanks for writing. We will ask Golf Operations to address this on Monday. Thanks for your patience.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hello again Mary, we just circled back to this and realized we hadn’t given you that follow-up response. From Golf Ops: “We encourage the 90 degree cart path rule when it makes sense. Sometimes it doesn’t. An example of this would be if a golfer hits his/her ball in a direction opposite of the cart path and not too far from where they are. It would take more time to go back to the cart path and then cut across the fairway at a 90 degree angle and proceed to the opposite side of the fairway. Concerning the desert areas, we would like to see golfers stay out of the desert as much as possible due to the obstacles they could hit with their cart and cause damage to plants, irrigation lines and tires. Both of these rules help keep the golf course in great shape and might even keep the golfer safer.”

  2. Frank Bagnato says:

    “…..I’m told that the captain who made the booking may edit the booking by removing a golfer,….”

    News to me. Captain or not, I see no option to edit my previously booked tee times online.

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Frank, sorry for the confusion. The system is set up so that the captain ‘should’ be able to remove a golfer. However, because allowing that feature to be accessed can cause them some issues, Golf Operations has elected to disable that feature. We misunderstood the information we were given and therefore relayed incomplete information to you. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. Thanks for writing.

  3. Very good article and information, but I wish you would also talk to the problem of those who have no respect for the course and drive their carts right up next the teeing ground rather than park on the cart path and walk to the tee. We always thought that was why the curb was there.

    • Lynn Morgan says:

      I appreciate the comments. This has been a challenge for the Players Assistants throughout the year. Like most rules, a large majority of the golfers are pretty good about keeping their carts 30 feet from tees and greens. But some need to be constantly reminded of what 30 feet looks like. One of the great things about SCW golf is the condition of the golf courses throughout the year. Our goal, is to remind everyone who plays golf to take care of the course so you will have a nice place to play the following day/week/month. This is the same for sanding divots, repairing ball marks, raking bunkers and keeping up with the group ahead of you. We as golfers would hate to see the hard work that Todd Patty and staff go to waste because a few golfers want to save a step or two. The great thing about golf is that people are held accountable for their actions. This includes following rules as well as counting strokes!

  4. Jeff Taylor says:

    It would be much easier and convenient to cancel a tee time if it could be done online. If I can make a tee time online, why can’t I cancel one online?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Jeff, it seems like there’s a fairly complicated answer to that question, but basically I’m told that the captain who made the booking may edit the booking by removing a golfer, but the other players in the group may not edit the online tee time booking. It’s the way the software works and what it allows- for only the captain to make changes. If you need more information, please feel free to contact Golf Ops at 623-544-6037. Thanks for writing.

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