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ALL COURSES are now open and there are no cart path restrictions!!!   Be sure to check out the newly remodeled pro shop at Desert Trails and the new bunker renovation at Grandview.

 So get the clubs cleaned, dust off those cobwebs and prepare for some beautiful course conditions.  It’s time to get back into the “swing” of things.

A special thanks to Todd Patty, Environmental Services Manager, and all the golf course maintenance crews for their hard work at making the RCSCW courses some of the best in the Northwest Valley of Phoenix, Arizona!

Thank you for playing the RCSCW golf courses!  

Enjoy your rounds on the links!!!!!

  1. Roger Tresler says:

    I agree with Dave’s comments above. We will not be golfing this weekend as we usually do because of the cart path only restriction.

  2. Dave Previni says:

    I have a question on the overseeding schedule which was determined months ago. Many of our golfers use medical flags and hundreds of more are not capable of playing a “cartpath only” course. Your overseeding schedule has essentially closed all seven of our courses for a period of 7 to 10 days or more for those golfers (4 courses will be cartpath only and the other three will be closed). Did anyone ever consider not closing the second three courses until the first four courses are ready for “no cart restrictions”? That is only a one week delay in overseeding the second three courses and would allow all golfers with medical issues the opportunity to play at least one of our courses during that time period.

    Perhaps, next year, you could schedule a one week gap between the opening of the first group of overseeded courses and the closing of the second group of courses.

    I understand the importance of cartpath only after overseeding and, indeed, all of our courses are in great condition and the maintenance crews should be commended.

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