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Tim is a four-year Sun City West resident. He came here from the southeast, attracted by the nature of the community, the wide variety of amenities and the great golf courses.

He has served on the Golf Committee, and was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Governing Board for one year.

“During my time on the Board I have come to appreciate the inner workings of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, Inc. I have tried to take practical positions with regard to the multitude of moving parts that make up our great association,” Tim said. “We are truly fortunate to live in this ‘adult Disneyland,’ where you can be as involved as you want. The amenities and opportunity for affordable recreational activities here have been recognized nationally as a most desirable place to live.”

Tim’s main area of concern is that RCSCW have a sustainable future. “By this I mean that the Association is able to meet our current fiscal needs without compromising the ability of future Boards to meet future fiscal needs. Maintaining our many amenities while keeping our dues affordable is of the utmost importance to me,” he said.

Tim is retired but his previous work experience prepared him for the work of a Governing Board Director.

He started his career in the research and development labs at Union Carbide, which required critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Most of his corporate career was with oil corporations, ARCO and Ashland. As an account executive, he was responsible for managing some of our largest industrial chemical accounts, including Eastman, BASF, International Paper, Ciba and Benjamin Moore Paints.

“This taught me how to deal with a whole range of people, from shop workers to corporate executives,” he said. “I was responsible for accounts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I understand budgets, timelines and proper utilization of assets and resources. Working at these high levels taught me the benefits of teamwork and a co-operative mindset.”

Another period of his career was in management, which helped him understand the challenges of developing consensus and keeping teams focused. Motivating people to keep meetings concise and orderly, is another helpful skill he developed. Towards the end of his career, he led inter-discipline teams that developed long-range strategic plans. One such team developed a new system for tracking sales performance with easy-to-understand metrics that resulted in taking its sales compensation tools to a new level.

“My contributions to the Board will continue to be a self-motivating person, who logically explores challenges and develops data-based facts with the goal of reaching solutions that resolve challenges, in the interest of the widest range of constituents,” he said. “Thank you for considering me for this position.”

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