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TORCH alumni needed for parade


Attention all TORCH alumni. We need your help! TORCH will have an entry in the Sun City West 40th Anniversary Parade on Feb. 19 (Presidents’ Day). We are looking for alumni to help us in a couple different areas:


  1. TORCH’s entry will highlight some TORCH projects that have enhanced the community. These include: Our Neighbor Network, Kuentz Courtyard, Walking Trails, Radio Station and Volunteer Match. We need five to 10 TORCH graduates to take part in our entry. You would be walking part time and riding in a golf cart part time. If you are interested, please call Cathy Schley at 815-953-0693 or email We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. The second opportunity is specifically with the Lizard Acres Walking Trails group. How many of you have enjoyed walking on the urban walking trails in Sun City West since last January 2017? We need six walkers to volunteer with our group in the parade. We will walk from R.H. Johnson to Briarwood (1/2 mile). We will merge with our place in line (third) and then walk to Beardsley Park (another 1.5 miles). We will have some brochures to pass out to residents who want them. We really want to promote this TORCH project and could sure use a few of you. If you just want to walk with us, that’s great too! If interested, email Caroline at

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