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TORCH Talk: Grads share their experience


TORCH Graduates

  1. TORCH, according to Webster – a stick with combustible material at one end that is ignited and used for a light.
  2. TORCH, according to the British – a flashlight.
  3. TORCH, according to Sun City West – Tapping Our Resources, Citizens and Heritage.
  4. TORCH, according to two 12-year Sun City West residents:

We have been living here in Sun City West for 12 years, so what could we learn by attending a TORCH session? We were pretty sure the answer to that would be “very little or maybe nothing,” but we did learn just how little we knew.

In Session 1, we learned that by next year, the Lake Meade/Colorado River water supply may be extremely close to emergency status. In Session 2, we heard that PORA does not go around and inspect for violations; we did not know that.

Session 3, we learned each golf course has about $300,000 worth of equipment, and they get about 15 years of use out of each unit – a lot better utilization than I ever considered. And I was thinking each piece was moved from one course to another as needed.

In every session, something was presented that was a complete surprise, so in conclusion: Was the program worth the time spent? A big yes! Should everyone attend? Again, a big yes for those who wish to learn the ins and outs of this community!

We met a lot of nice people, made some new friends, met and heard some or all of the employees who keep this community running. Thank you for presenting this program.

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