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TORCH Citizens Academy

Tapping Our Resources, Citizens and Heritage!

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Developed in 2008-09 by the TORCH Committee, a special committee that grew out of the Governing Board’s Public Relations Committee, the TORCH Citizens Academy aims to build a more informed citizenry by educating, involving and inspiring residents.

The Academy runs for seven weeks in the spring and fall, and is open to interested residents willing to commit their time and energies to the seven-week process, and to learning more about their community. Class sizes are limited to provide a hands-on, interactive experience. A variety of speakers are featured, and site tours are included. Participants graduate from the Academy well-versed in the governance of Sun City West. Session topics include: Sun City West Heritage, Past to Present; Golf Operations; Finances; Recreational Opportunities; Library and Bowling; Friends and Services; and The Future.

For information, call the Governing Board Executive Assistant at 623-544-6115.

The Rec Centers of Sun City West welcomed its first TORCH Citizens Academy in the spring of 2009. This Focus Class was comprised of Governing Board Directors, prospective directors, Committee members and community leaders.

Through their input, the academy was refined and was presented to the community at large for the first time in fall 2009.

As part of the learning process and interactive nature of the Citizens Academy, TORCH participants are split into teams who meet during the process to develop team projects. These projects are presented to the TORCH Committee on graduation day, and are shared with the Governing Board and staff for their consideration.

The Team projects are presented here, for the community’s consideration as well. Please note, these projects are only suggestions by the teams, and are not necessarily endorsed or fact-checked by Management.

We appreciate the time these teams spent in developing their ideas, and we look forward to more good ideas from future TORCH participants.


TORCH TEAM Projects 2011


  1. Frank Debold says:

    Why are there no Torch Team Projects listed for 2011?

    • Multimedia says:

      Hi Frank, there were a couple of times when we skipped them, we believe that was one of them. Thanks for writing and for your interest in TORCH!

  2. What are the dates for the Spring 2015 classes and when will the signup begin.

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi, Andrew – thank you for your inquiry. The date has not been set yet for the Spring 2015 TORCH class; however, you are welcome to complete an application and sign-up for the class at anytime, and your name will be set on the list when the class is scheduled. If you have any questions, contact the Governing Board Manager at 623-544-6115.

  3. mark smith says:

    I found the activities tab, under the other website (, but that link brings me back here.

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi, Mark – I just checked the “Activities” tab, found the TORCH link, and went to the TORCH information page. There is a large lettered “DOWNLOAD TORCH application” in the center of the page, and that should connect you to the brochure. Good Luck!

  4. mark smith says:

    I don’t see an activities tab on the home page, and can’t find an online application for torch. A link on the torch page would make the most sense.

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi, again! At the top right hand corner of the homepage is a box entitled “TORCH Academy.” When you click on that link, you are directed straight to the TORCH information page mentioned in the previous comment response. Click on the “DOWNLOAD TORCH application” to get to the brochure.

  5. Bob Bass says:

    I notice that the Torch projects for Fall 2013 are not uploaded on this site. Will they be and will those of Spring 2014 be?

  6. Jack Knorst says:

    Good Morning,

    Yesterday, March 6, 2014, I had to go to Johnson Lanes for a few minutes. While walking up to the entrance I noticed four golf carts parked on the sidewalk. Most people who use that facility know to park their carts in the parking lot and do so. I also noticed that there was a Torch meeting going on inside and I can only assume, yes it is an assumption, that it was some of your attendants that were ignoring that great big parking lot. In order that the parking lot not get lonesome please remind your group to make use of it and not park on the sidewalk impeding emergency vehicles.


    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi Mr. Knorst. Thank you for your comment. Those were golf carts associated with our TORCH Class. On this fifth class of the academy, our students tour the RH Johnson complex, moving from the Administration building to the Library, to the Sports Pavilion to the maintenance yard near the fitness center. We want to ensure the TORCH Academy is open to all our residents, including those who may be challenged to walk this long of a distance; it is indeed a fast-paced and walking-intensive four-hour day for our students. We therefore provide parking passes allowing them to park close to the buildings during these tours. Thank you for understanding as we work to accommodate all our residents in this important educational endeavor.

  7. Virginia (Gindy) Barnard says:

    I would like an application for the fall session of the Torch Academy. Is it online somewhere?

    • Hi, Ginny – Thank you for your interest in TORCH. The online application is located on our website; listed under the Activities tab, select TORCH. Brochures for the academy are also available at all Rec Centers locations, and an application form is included in the brochure.

  8. Deb Arnold says:

    Could you please share with me the days/hours involved for the Spring 2014 session?
    Thank you

    • Hi Deb. The Spring 2014 sessions will run on Thursdays from Feb. 6 through March 20. Times have yet to be determined, but are usually from 1 to about 5 p.m. If you’re interested, please call Sharon Schomer at 623-544-6115 to sign up. Thanks!

  9. Hi, is there still space available in the Fall 2013 TORCH academy?

    • RCSCW PR says:

      Hi Diana. There sure is. Please call Sharon Schomer at 623-544-6115 to register. We know you will love the Academy!

  10. James Young says:

    I was looking for a application for the Fall class and didn’t find it. I would be inerested in one Jim

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