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Use fragrances sparingly to help prevent sensitivity issues


Simple outings most of us take for granted can be intimidating for Sun City West residents with allergies to perfumes, chemicals and odors. Most of us don’t even think about chemical sensitivities when we spray on perfume or cologne, but for some residents this can be a severe problem, so the Rec Centers is asking the community to keep this in mind as they go about their activities and attend our events.

For some individuals, particularly those with asthma, exposure to even the smallest amounts of a chemical allergen can trigger an attack. These reactions are called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or environmental sensitivities, and the severity of the symptoms can vary. Some people report mild irritation while others are incapacitated and must give up many activities of daily living, such as going to public places, in order to avoid exposure.

We ask our residents to use common sense so ALL our residents can enjoy their free time in our community. Be respectful of those around you and refrain from overdoing it with perfumes or cologne. Better yet, if you’re attending a crowded public event, consider forgoing scents altogether.

  1. Helen Schuelke says:


  2. Thank you so much for your consideration. This has been a real problem in some classes in the past.


  4. Vincent Meyers says:

    This surely goes against all the new flowering plants and trees recently planted in SCW! Not very smart!
    Also, we will someday be short on water here in the desert and we better start thinking ahead. Some plants are even being watered by hand at Johnson Center. Check it out some morning!

  5. Multimedia says:

    Joe, we really do believe that if folks would wear “what they want” more sparingly, instead of overusing their fragrances, that would surely help solve the issue. Plus it’s very neighborly!

  6. Linda Lee says:

    Masks are often ineffective against chemical allergens and they impede normal breathing and conversation. Sense of smell otften declines with age and many may not realize how strong the scent is. Thanks for addressing this important issue.

  7. RCSCW PR says:

    Hi Mr. Meyers. We have not had the same complaints about the flowers from our fragrance sensitive members. Yes, the flowers do take water, and watering by hand is more efficient that broad-based watering. We are very conscientious about water conservation. Thank you for your input.

  8. I would be willing to keep this act of kindness in mind in the future, but please ask some of the same people to remember to shower and brush their teeth before going to a crowed event. I would prefer to smell something sweet rather than body odors!

  9. Tom Jones says:

    Thank you for addressing this issue again. Many people do not realize they have fragrance on their clothing even if they did not put on fragrance. Many items like Bounce tissues and detergents and clothing that are stored with moth balls can give off a scent that can be debilitating to some people. Surprising just walking on the outdoor walking track early in the morning you can find some walkers that have heavy fragrance when they walk by and do not realize they even have that scent that lingers in the air. RCSCW had removed air fresheners in many of the bathrooms and meeting rooms in order to minimize the problem, but somehow they seem to be put up in order to mask the odors. There are devices, especially ion exchangers that will eliminate the odors. The ARC bathrooms are equipped with these devices, if anyone is interested in seeing how they work.

  10. Multimedia says:

    Thanks for your input Tom!

  11. Thank you for addressing this issue. People who wear perfume and after shave have no idea what they are doing to people who are allergic to scents… like ones throat closing up and becoming unconscious.Most people are considerate and have totally quit wearing anything scented. It is most frustrating when one purchases theater or show tickets and ends up having to leave when somebody with heavy perfume sits next to them for assigned seating.

  12. Ronnie Williams says:

    Thank you for addressing this issue. We have had to leave some events at Palm Ridge, or at least change seats because of the overwhelming scents of aftershave and cologne on folks near us. Please think about your fellow residents before you use scented products.

  13. Marian D says:

    What about at the pools? Your scent floats like a mushroom cloud and wafts out over the water. And it lingers. Yikes awful.
    I can’t get away from you fast enough.

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