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What can you do to reduce stress, be mentally stimulated, make new friends, and have fun? Volunteer!

Volunteering is about giving. People who volunteer talk about the “giver’s high” they get when they volunteer. Volunteering does not have to be a long-term commitment or take a huge amount of time from your busy schedule. You can find an opportunity that meets your interests and availability.

Sun City West is a community of volunteers. There are many and various opportunities to give a gift to Sun City West through volunteering. If you have difficulties finding local volunteer opportunities, look no further! You may have seen opportunities in the e-newsletters or the local newspapers. But what if you missed reading these sources? There is a new initiative,, that provides a one-stop volunteer shopping experience. is a website that matches your interests with volunteer opportunities in Sun City West. This site is easy to find and navigate. Many of the social service agencies that serve Sun City West residents have posted their volunteer opportunities on this site.

There will be a “Kick-off” event in October at the free concerts at Beardsley Park. Visit Pavilion 1 to get acquainted with this exciting initiative. There will be opportunities in November and December to learn more about

Make your first step to give the gift of volunteering to Sun City West.

You can download & print a flow chart which walks you through the process of finding opportunities and registering for VolunteerMatch HERE or  proceed directly to the website

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